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Just chilling out an a rooftop in Esfahan...


And actually – it’s all because of Patch Adventures. 


That’s right. In late 2023, we created a sister travel company, Fencox. We realised there was a strong case for a another type of travel offer:


  • travellers who like to go on their own without relying on a friend or partner
  • those who have their mind set on a private supplement, and
  • to include men.


This is how it all came about:


Depending on how familiar you are with Patch – we’ve been growing solidly since 2022 – and at the time of publishing this we have 26 trips, many with multiple dates, under our belt… and counting. 


Our bookings team at Patch are receiving dozens-plus enquiries each day… among these are:


“My husband/brother/partner would love to come on this trip! If he puts on a wig and a dress, can he join us?”


Sorry, Patchies, but the answer is an unfortunate “No”. 😀


We are committed to being a women’s-only travel company – that’s how we started and that’s how we’ll stay. But it was interesting to see that our trips were grabbing the attention of the guys!


Another recurring theme was the private supplement. On Patch trips there are never more than four, maximum (and sometimes less), which is fine in most cases, however we do get women who simply aren’t interested in twin share, preferring their own room for the extra cost. It wasn’t unusual to hear, “For me this is a deal breaker”.


So there you have it! The Fencox formula couldn’t be any more straightforward. If Fencox was going to offer private supplements only, then specialising in solo travels for mixed-gender groups was the logical answer – and a win-win for everyone. Some activities and parts of the itinerary may differ to suit a mixed-gender travel group.


Same small-group set up and same style of off-the-tourist-trails adventures! 


View the Fencox website here.


Fencox – our new travel project offering private supplement-only travels for solo men and women! Pictured here are: Fencox Co-Founder Mat Newton with the ground team in Iran.




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