Are you Our Next Patchie?

You are a Patchie if you are an active woman that’s keen to go on hikes, perhaps try your hand at yoga, or take a peaceful nature walk. You have a spirit of adventure and love to say yes to trying new things.

You’re tired of “big bus tourism” and desire a more unique and authentic side of the destination — that is, learning about the culture, trying interesting food, or sitting down to share a cup of arak with a family of nomads. You also appreciate an interesting place to sleep, whether that be camping with a nomadic tribe in Tanzania or staying in a palace in India. It’s all about chasing the best experience.

Patch Adventures provides women-only trips for ladies that don’t want to feel like tourists, but rather friends of locals visiting from out of town. If you’ve ever felt exploited for your tourist dollars or have wasted your time at overrun spots that are on the “standard tourist checklist”, you’ll enjoy coming with us. These trips for women are designed so that you don’t have to worry about a thing — except for having fun, of course!

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