22 Day Egypt & Jordan Adventure

Women Only

Max group 12

Lifetime Deposit

You’ve been dreaming of seeing the great pyramids and Petra for your entire life. Now, it’s time to stop dreaming, and start exploring! On this fun-filled women-only adventure, we’re ticking off not one, but two wonders of the world in one trip – the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt, and Petra, in Jordan.

Of course, there’s way more to these two countries than their world wonders. We’ll stop at those unmissable attractions, of course, but you should know by now that with Patch, this is just where it starts: the true charm of Egypt and Jordan lies firmly off the beaten path. From exploring a little-known town that has been overtaken by a love of pottery, to sleeping under the stars in the Jordanian desert, you’ll soon agree that some of the region’s best experiences are those you won’t read about in a guidebook.

Egypt and Jordan are knock-out destinations on their own, but together they’re unstoppable. Channel Indiana Jones as you scout out ancient tombs and discover ancient Jordanian castles – it’s time to pack your adventurous spirit and let’s act out those travel dreams!


Visit Giza Pyramids and enter Sphinx

Explore Fayoum Oasis and see Egypt’s only waterfall

Sail the Nile in a traditional wooden boat at sunset

Enjoy a traditional dinner in a Nubian village

Ride a camel in Aswan

Visit the magnificent temples of Abu Simbel

Enjoy the view from Mount Nebo

Visit spectacular Petra and Little Petra temples

Stroll through the charming town of As-Salt and meet locals


10 April 2024

Final Spots!

Starts – Cairo, 10 April 2024

Finishes: – Amman, 1 May 2024

Price – $8,670 AUD

Single supplement: $2,202 AUD

20 October 2024


Starts – Cairo, 20 October 2024

Finishes: – Amman, 10 November 2024

Price – $9,109 AUD

Single supplement: $2,334 AUD

Missed out on a trip? Let us know and we’ll be in touch about future dates!

Trip Details


According to departure date

  • $1,900 AUD deposit.
  • 2-week cooling-off period applies.
  • Lifetime Deposit. If you need to cancel, your deposit is transferable to other trips.
  • Twin Share: we’ll match you with a roomie if you’re travelling solo.
  • Private supplement available (max 2 spots): $2,202 AUD

Please refer to our payment terms in the FAQs.

Trip length

22 days, 21 nights

Meeting point

Novotel Cairo El Borg, Cairo, Egypt

Ending point

Amman Corp Hotel, Amman, Jordan

Group size

Maximum 12

Participation requirements

Please see our “Is this trip right for you?” section under the Participation Tab.


  • Meals: 21 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 11 dinners
  • Transport: Air-conditioned private vehicle transportation, sleeper train, flights: Luxor-Cairo, Cairo-Amman
  • Felucca boat sail, camel ride, 4WD desert rides
  • 19 nights of premium and boutique accommodation
  • 1-night sleeper train, 1-night desert camp
  • A top-rated and English-speaking tour leader
  • All listed activities and more!

Not included

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Any visas required
  • Late check-out at hotels
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Drinks with included lunches and dinners
  • Tip kitty. Note: as Aussies and Kiwis, we are not used to tipping! However, guide and driver tipping is customary for tours in Egypt and Jordan. 
  • Personal expenditure

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Day 1 – Hello Cairo

Crazy, chaotic, but oh-so-captivating, your adventure begins in Cairo. From the second your plane touches down, we’ll take the stress of arrival off your shoulders by arranging for a member of the team to pick you up at the airport.

Cairo is the biggest city in Africa, and it wants you to know it. Getting to the hotel will be an adventure in its own right as you zip through the narrow streets, dodging carts, crowds, and honking cars. You’ll be thankful you’re not behind the wheel!

As your first night in Egypt kicks off, it’s time to meet the group over a welcome dinner. It can feel nerve-wracking to meet a group of strangers, but by the end of the dinner you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is! This is only the start of your journey together, and it’s going to be one you’ll never forget.

Accommodation: Novotel Cairo El Borg (or similar)
Included: Dinner

Day 2 – The Pyramids

We’re starting your first full day in Egypt with a bang. It’s pyramid time! 

At around 5,000 years old, the pyramids really do show that age is just a number. Comparably, the Sphinx has seen better days all thanks to his missing nose,  but you’ll still want to stand between its paws for a photo! 

After your visit to the pyramids, it’s time to put what you’ve seen in context with a visit to the Egyptian Museum. As the most-visited museum in Egypt, containing over 120,000 artefacts, we can’t sugarcoat it. This place is pure pandemonium! The good news is, we’ve arranged for a local to push through the throngs and seamlessly guide you around the museum’s best bits. And yes – feasting your eyes on the treasures of Tutunkhamun’s tomb is so worth the chaos. You’ll be an Egyptologist before you know it!

Accommodation: Novotel Cairo El Borg (or similar)
Included: Breakfast

Day 3 – Coptic Cairo

We know, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the pyramids, but you have things to see and places to be! This morning you’ll leave the chaos of modern Cairo in the rear-view mirror as you delve into Coptic Cairo. The Coptic minority in Egypt makes up 10% of the population and offers  unexpected surprises. It was here, at the Cavern Church, that Mary and Baby Jesus reportedly hid from King Herod’s persecution. You’ll get to step inside this holy space, as well as many others, on this morning’s visit, learning more about Cairo’s mish-mash of religious history.

In the afternoon, you’ll teleport back to ancient Egypt with a trip to the National Museum of Civilization, before rounding out the day with an Egyptian feast fit for a pharaoh at a local restaurant. 

Accommodation: Novotel Cairo El Borg (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 4 – Fayoum

It’s been a whirlwind few days in Cairo, so it’s high time to treat yourself to a day of relaxation. After the non-stop energy of the city, you’ll be crying out for a change in surroundings – and Wadi Rayan has got what you’re looking for. 

This national park is home to two huge lakes connected in the middle by Egypt’s only waterfall. After all that heat and dust, this rush of cool water will feel like a desert mirage, but your eyes aren’t deceiving you – it’s real. The main reason you’re visiting Wadi Rayan, though, and the reason it’s so famous, is something you won’t be expecting. It’s home to hundreds of fossilised whale skeletons.

This evening, you’ll hit the nearby village of Tunis for a local dinner that’ll deepen your growing obsession with Egyptian food.

Accommodation: Palm Shadow Corner – Fayoum (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 5 – Tunis Village

Day 5. This morning, pick up where you left off last night as the group heads back to Tunis.

You’ll learn more about Tunis’ arty side as you wander the streets and peep into some of the many local pottery studios. If you’re looking for a unique piece to brighten up your home, there’s no better place to buy one.

After lunch, you’ll have to tear yourself away from Tunis, because it’s time to head back to Cairo. Once you arrive, the night is yours to do as you like. If it’s more yummy Egyptian food you’re after, just ask your guide. They know all the best spots and will be able to point you in the direction of something mouthwatering.

Accommodation: Novotel Cairo El Borg (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 6 – Alexandria

Alexandria. One of the most famous cities of the ancient world, and now, a 3-hour drive along an expressway, so snag the opportunity for a quick snooze. You’ll wake up refreshed as you pull into the port city, known as the “Bride of the Mediterranean”. 

With so many ancient wonders here, it’s hard to know where to start, but you can’t go wrong with the Kom ash-Shuqqafa catacombs. From the outside, it doesn’t look like anything to write home about, but once you’re in, it’s another story altogether. Be warned: as you descend into the spooky underground tombs you may feel a shiver or two running down your spine! 

Back above ground, take a cue from the locals and enjoy a leisurely stroll along Alexandria’s waterfront promenade, breathing in the fresh Mediterranean air. It’ll feel better than ever after being underground this afternoon!

Accommodation: Romance Alexandria Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast

Day 7 – El Alamein

Today you’ll follow the coastal road to El Alamein – the site of two bloody battles during World War II and the turning point of the North African campaign. Over 13,000 allied troops were killed and injured here, making it a sobering stop on your journey. Having seen the battlefields for yourself, you’ll visit the El Alamein War Museum to get a clearer picture of what happened here, and why.

Tonight we have something a little different in store. Swap your hotel room for a cosy two-berth cabin as you hop aboard the sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan. Sharing your cabin with another adventurous Patchie, you’ll feel like a teenager at a sleepover again. The only difference is, this time you’re rocketing through the Egyptian desert! As the countryside whizzes past you, the rhythmic sounds of the train will lull you to sleep.

Accommodation: Sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 8 – Aswan

After a night on the rails you’ll pull into Aswan bright and early and head straight to a fabulous temple. This time, it’s the Philae Temple. Compared to the pyramids, this temple is practically brand new – it was only built in the 7th or 6th century BC. 

Looking at the crumbling complex, you’d be forgiven for thinking the temple had been standing here for thousands of years. Think again! Thanks to the Nile’s rising waters, the temple was actually moved here in the seventies to save it from flooding.

Once you’ve checked into the hotel, the afternoon is yours. After a night on the train, though, you probably won’t be able to resist a short nap in a real bed. You’ll meet back with the group later, to clamber aboard a wooden Felucca boat and set sail on the Nile.

And then, we’ve got a fun dinner surprise lined up for you.

Accommodation: Basma Hotel Aswan (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 9 – Abu Simbel

Today’s journey starts at the crack of dawn, at 4am. What on earth could be worth waking up at 4am, you ask? How about the twin temples of Abu Simbel, total masterpieces when it comes to New Kingdom monuments.

Back in the day, it seems like romance was a little… different. You see, Rameses II actually dedicated one of these temples to his wife, Queen Nefertari, as a symbol of his dedication to her. Nowadays, flowers will do, but back then, temples seemed to be all the rage!

It’s a four-hour drive each way, and we admit, there’ll be tourists aplenty, but how could you travel to Egypt and not be there! 

Accommodation: Basma Hotel Aswan (or similar)
Included: Breakfast

Day 10 – Edfu Temple

Another day, another out-of-this-world temple! This time, you’ll visit Edfu Temple, which will break up the 3.5-hour drive from Aswan to Luxor. It’s not right to have favourites, but we just can’t help ourselves. As the best-preserved temple in Egypt, you’ll find yourself wondering if you woke up in the wrong century as you explore its many chambers, chapels and passageways. 

So, what’s the secret behind Edfu’s anti-ageing process? Well, lying buried under 12 metres of sand for centuries probably helped! It was so well-covered that even the locals didn’t know the temple was there, unknowingly building homes on top of it. Fortunately, a group of explorers unearthed the temple in the early 19th century, and the rest is history.

Accommodation: Aracan Eatabe Luxor Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast

Day 11 – Luxor

Welcome to Luxor, the world’s greatest open-air museum. There are more ancient wonders here than you can shake a stick at, but we’ll take you to the very best: the Temples of Karnak. As the largest religious site in the world, it took over 2,000 years to build. Now that’s dedication. Home to the famous Obelisk of Hatshepsut, the tallest obelisk in the world, you’ll be blown away by the countless ancient treasures around every corner.

In the afternoon, we’ve got a little surprise for you – guaranteed though, it  will be a quintessential Egypt experience! Followed by one kick-ass sunset spot! 

Accommodation: Aracan Eatabe Luxor Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast

Day 12 – Valley of the Kings

If you’re looking for an extra dose of adventure this morning, take to the skies in a hot air balloon to catch the sunrise over Luxor (at an additional cost of 130 USD). Prefer to catch some extra Zs? No problem, go ahead! With so many incredible experiences under your belt, it’s hard to believe that you’re only halfway through the adventure. Trust us, though – the best is yet to come – including later today at The Valley of the Kings. You’ll visit not one, not two, but three incredible tombs, learning about the fascinating, and sometimes truly bizarre, funerary traditions of the pharaohs.

Accommodation: Aracan Eatabe Luxor Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 13 – Cairo

You’ll save yourself hours on the road this morning by hopping on a short flight back to Cairo. You’re not finished here yet!

On arrival, head straight to the sprawling Khan El Khalili bazaar, a true melting pot of the past and present. Here, traditional Islamic architecture and the smells of spices sold here for generations stand shoulder-to-shoulder with mass-produced plastic tat. It’s a bewildering place to explore, but oh-so-worth-it. You’ll be among just a few Western faces here, as the locals still make up the majority of the market’s patrons.

It’s almost time to say goodbye to your Egyptian guide, but not before sharing one more memorable meal together. And you’ll remember this one fondly, long after you’re back to your normal life – for tonight, you’ll break bread with a local family in their home. Spend the evening chatting and learning about living in the Middle East. 

Accommodation: Novotel Cairo El Borg (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 14 – Jordan

Today is a travel day, and while we’re not going to pretend that it’s glamorous, it’s certainly exciting. Say your goodbyes to your guide as you leave the craziness of Cairo behind, and jet off to a whole new country. It’s Jordan’s time to shine!

Border crossings can be intimidating, but not on our watch. Your Jordanian Guide will be there to meet you as you arrive for 3 nights in Amman, to give you a much-needed change of pace.

To kick off your Jordanian adventure, your guide will host a welcome dinner where you’ll get to indulge in the national dish of Jordan – mansaf! This heavenly dish of lamb cooked in yoghurt will have you drooling. If your first dish in Jordan is this good, you’ll find yourself wondering what other culinary treats this country has in store for you.

Accommodation: Amman Corp Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 15 – Jerash & Ajloun

Northern Jordan, show us what you’ve got! 

Your day kicks off in Jerash, a city that boasts some of the best-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. Wait… Roman?! That’s right – although Jerash has been inhabited for over 6,500 years, it wasn’t until the Romans arrived, in 64 BC, that the city truly began to flourish. 

Tonight you’ll taste Jordanian food made by you, in an intimate class run by 3 sisters inside their grandmother’s home in one of the city’s loveliest old neighbourhoods. 

Accommodation: Amman Corp Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 16 – Amman

Jordan’s capital city is the place that keeps on giving: modern malls and restaurants, old-timey coffee joints, and some ancient ruins that really deserve more respect than they get.

Today is dedicated to exploring Amman, from top to bottom, aided by your helpful guide. There are no boring old walking tours on our watch, though – your guide will sprinkle personal anecdotes and only-locals-know tidbits into your tour to bring the city to life. 

Lunch today is a special occasion as we’ve lined up a meal with the Iraq Al Amir Women’ Association. 

Accommodation: Amman Corp Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 17 – Madaba & Shobak

Petra is coming soon. It is worth the wait, but you will remain in suspense for just a bit longer as we show you some of the other highlights of the region. From the detailed mosaics of Madaba to the legendary burial place of Moses, to the eye-catching Shobak Castle, we have an action-packed day of exploration in store for you.

We won’t spoil all the surprises, but we can assure you that each stop along the way has earned its spot on your itinerary, and your excitement will only build as you inch closer and closer to Jordan’s wonder of the world. Tomorrow, the wait is over.

Accommodation: Petra Elite Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 18 – Petra

Petra is not just a place, it’s an adventure waiting to happen. This ancient wonder has been on your travel bucket list for ages, and today is the day when you’ll finally get to stand before it! The staggering architecture of Petra, carved entirely by hand into the rose-red sandstone rocks, creates a landscape that seems almost otherworldly – but it’s all real, baby.

And unlike the pyramids – which can be captured in a photo – Petra is huge, sprawling, and has many things to reveal to the enthusiastic explorer.

This is the stuff of dreams, the reason why adventurers and explorers have been drawn to this ancient city for centuries, and, today, you become part of that legacy.

Accommodation: Petra Elite Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast

Day 19 – Wadi Rum

The next destination you visit after Petra has some pretty big shoes to fill, but we’re confident Wadi Rum will knock your socks off. Nothing quite prepares you for the sight of Wadi Rum’s mountains rising out of the desert sand, and photos certainly don’t do it justice. You won’t be able to stop staring!

After an adrenaline-pumping, 4 x 4 adventure around Wadi Rum, you’ll spend the night under the twinkling stars, camping in the heart of the desert. After drifting off to sleep with the sounds of nature all around you, you’ll never want to sleep in a real bed again.

Accommodation: Sun City Camp (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 20 – The Dead Sea

Rise and shine, it’s sunrise time! If you have the energy, join your fellow early-birds.   Seeing the sunrise skies above the desert streaked with reds, oranges and pinks will have you reaching for your camera, but some experiences are best enjoyed without any technology at all. 

With the sun high in the sky, it’s time to move on to the Dead Sea.

Plunging into the water, let your worries float away as you… well… float! The water of the Dead Sea has such a high salt content that floating is your only option. It’s a fairly weird experience, actually, but a memorable bit of fun. Just make sure to keep the water out of your eyes… the mineral-rich mud at the bottom of the sea is available to work its magic too. It’s been used as a spa treatment for centuries, and was even used by Queen Cleopatra herself. With an endorsement like that, it’d be rude to do anything other than smear some on your skin and try it for yourself! 

Accommodation:  Crowne Plaza Resort Dead Sea (or similar)
Included: Breakfast

Day 21 – As-Salt

Day 21. It’s the very final full day, but we’re not done… yet. At just 35km from Amman, you’d think the Ottoman town of As-Salt would feel cosmopolitan. You couldn’t be more wrong. This historic town has resisted modernisation, with its many caramel-coloured buildings standing testament to its traditional charm.

The best way to explore the wonders of As-Salt is by foot, so lace up your trainers and hit the As-Salt Harmony Trail. Over 30% of its inhabitants are Christian, and Mosques and churches sit side by side. Here on the Harmony Trail, you’ll learn more about what makes this town so… harmonious. And you don’t need to be a mountaineer to enjoy this – the leisurely three-hour walk has plenty of stops and is suitable for everyone.

Tonight is a moment you’ve all been dreading – the final night together as a group, and your final night in Jordan. Hold back the tears and make it count! As you share big hugs and heavy-hearted goodbyes, you know that you’ll never forget this group of wonderful women.

Accommodation: Amman Corp Hotel (or similar)
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Farewell Dinner

Day 22 – Farewell Friends

Today, bid farewell to Jordan and your new friends before you depart. We’ve arranged a transfer to the airport with plenty of time to catch your flight. Every good thing must come to an end, but we’re sure we’ll see you again.

The question is: where next?

Included: Breakfast

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Level 2 or Moderate

You’ll need a moderate level of fitness for this trip. If you can walk 3 – 4 hours at an easy pace on undulating and uneven ground, you’ll be fine. There will be days where you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet and times when you’ll need to get on and off different types of transport, including boats and trains. From time to time, you must be ok with using a squat toilet – we do our best to accommodate what you’re used to (all hotel rooms have sit down toilets) but when you’re on-the-road, sometimes it’s the only choice available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to the payment of your full balance, the final price may change if there is significant variation in the AUD:USD exchange rate. Our trip pricing is determined by what the exchange rates are at the time of publishing the trip.

5 November 2023 departure: 1 AUD:0.67 USD

10 April 2024 departure: 1 AUD:0.67 USD

26 April 2024 departure: 1 AUD:0.65 USD

A deposit of $1,900 is required to hold your spot. Payment can be made by credit card (fees apply) or bank deposit.

There is a cooling-off period of 2 weeks. (Applicable to all bookings made 110 days in advance.)

We have implemented a ‘lifetime deposit’ guarantee. Deposits are not refundable, but they are transferable at any time, right up until the first day of the trip.

The final balance of the trip is required 95 days in advance of the departure date. Our suppliers require upfront payment well in advance to guarantee availability.

Please refer to the full terms and conditions for further information.

This is the most frequently asked question we get!

Nearly everyone is in their 50s and 60s, with some people above and below (but of course, everyone is welcome!)

Most Patchies come alone and are matched with a room-mate. Remember, you don’t need to pay for a single supplement if you come solo. We will place you with a similarly-aged roommate.

The typical Patchie has travelled a LOT, is a well-seasoned adventurer, and is not easily thrown by small things. However, many Patchies tell us that this is their first ever group tour. Many of our guests have avoided tours to this point as they’re not attracted to being herded around in large groups.

Oh, and one last thing:

Patchies are warm, generous, and kind. We knew it would be like this, but we weren’t expecting it to be *quite* like this. We’re so blessed as a business to have the customers we do; we consider ourselves to be some of the luckiest people in the world.

Sourcing return flights from different start and finish spots can sometimes be a little tricky, but that’s not an issue with this trip! From Australia and New Zealand, flights via SE Asia, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai all service this region regularly.

To accommodate the domestic flight luggage limits, we request that you travel with 1 case/bag weighing no more than 23kg, and 1 carry-on bag/case weighing no greater than 8kg.

Airfares are not included.

Solo travellers will be matched with a room-mate. Of course, if you prefer to have your own space, you can reserve the private room supplement.

Please contact us for more information.

Whenever we can, we fill our Patch trips with interesting and culturally-fitting boutique accommodation. From time to time though, we come across a destination that really challenges that ethos… and that destination is Egypt. Please forgive us! We’ve done what we can, but there’s several other factors we need to take into consideration, besides slumber cuteness. Never-the-less, we promise you’ll sleep soundly in comfortable hotels.

For most nationalities, organising a visa for Egypt can be done on arrival at Cairo International Airport or online via the Egyptian Government’s official e-visa portal. This includes Australians and New Zealanders. A single entry visa is valid for three months from the date of issue and entitles the bearer to one month of travel in Egypt. Visas on arrival can be purchased in US dollars, British pounds or euros, and only in cash. Currently, the cost for a single entry tourist visa is USD 25.

Aussies and Kiwis need a visa to enter Jordan. The process of getting a visa is relatively straightforward and upon arrival to Jordan, our representative will meet you before passport control in the terminal and escort you through immigration – taking care of the visa arrangements and passport checking. The tourist visa is valid for a month. A single-entry visa on arrival costs JD 40, which is around USD 56. Visa charges are not included in the trip price.

Airport transfers are included. You can plan to arrive at any time, but we recommend arriving in the morning to give yourself time to settle in.

The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, but the US Dollar is also accepted in many areas, including at the airport (where you’ll need some to purchase your visa). It’s worthwhile bringing a few hundred USD to pay for trip extras and tips. Try to avoid paying for food or souvenirs in foreign currency because you may be overcharged or shortchanged. ATMs are widely available across the country, so there’s no need to bring a bulk sum of cash with you from home.

The Official currency of Jordan is the Dinar referred to as the (JD). It is made up of 1000 fils. Try to change larger notes as often as possible. Most goods and services can be paid for using local currency. The USD is also acceptable. For the supply of everyday services like meals and general shopping, we recommend the local currency.

ATMs are widely available in major towns and cities throughout the Middle East. Credit and debit cards are the best way to access money throughout most trips (note that charges are made for each transaction). Credit cards are generally available in tourist shops and restaurants. Visa and Mastercard are generally preferred over American Express, Diners, etc. Smaller venues take cash only. 

Check with your bank before departure that your card is accepted in the countries you are travelling to. Also, ensure your bank is aware of your travel plans as, suspecting fraud, they may cancel your cards after the first few international transactions.

Be aware that your withdrawing limit may vary from country to country (regardless of your withdrawing limit in your home country), so check with your bank about that before departing.

Most of our trips have a tip kitty because many cultures have interesting and diverse rules when it comes to tips. We’ve found it to be the easiest way to combat over-tipping, under-tipping or having the tip fall into the wrong hands. Our goal is for guests to relax and know that the complexities of tipping are taken care of, on their behalf.

Your trip covers 2 countries with individual currencies, so we ask your contribution be:

Egyptian tip kitty given to your guide on Day 1
4,000 Egyptian Pounds (equivalent to $130USD) at exchange rate $1 USD : 30.8 Egyptian Pounds).

Jordanian tip kitty given to your guide on day 14
64 Jordanian Dinar (equivalent to $90USD) at exchange rate $1 USD: 0.71 Jordanian Dinar).

The kitty will be managed by your guide and distributed along the way at restaurants for included meals, hotel staff, drivers and all guides.

The weather in November in Egypt and Jordan is still warm during the day and slightly cooler at night time. Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so you should pack light and cool clothing, with a light jacket for cooler evenings. The average daily maximum is 28°C and the average daily minimum is 19°C. In the desert areas, the nights are pretty cold with an average temperature between 9°C and 5°C.

In the unlikely event of a health or security related incident during a trip, we’ve engaged a local partner to assist. From our experience, there is not one framework that fits all, and every incident is unique and requires a different approach. With all trips, your guides are your day-to-day support. While behind the scenes, there is an active line of communication – between your guide, the on-ground support team, and Australian Ops.

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