24 Day Silk Road & Stans Adventure

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Trip price: $8240

Deposit $400

This could be the most epic trip you go on in your life.

Each ‘Stan’ is special and unique, with distinct languages, cultural traditions and landscapes. You’ll be blown away. Add to that the magic of the Silk Road history and you’ve really got an adventure.

Our concept is simple – a small gang of like-minded women seeing the sights, cities, villages, deserts, and mountains worth seeing – and avoiding the tourist traps. We like to think of it as a full-scale invasion of friendly Australian ladies!

We’ll also make time to stop and just take it all in, and you’ll enjoy the freedom to enjoy things your way.


Kyrgyzstan: Multiple hikes through jaw-dropping mountains scenery

Taijikistan: Cook a feast with Tajik women villagers before eating and dancing

Kazakhstan: Explore the city of Almaty and its rich heritage

Uzbekistan: Take in the highlights of the Silk Road and learn the history & stories

Turkmenistan: Previously closed to visitors, see this weird and wonderful republic for yourself

Small groups, maximum 12 spots

Trip Details


8240 AUD

  • Applicable to all 2022 departures.
  • 400 AUD deposit, 100% refundable until November 30, 2021.
  • Second Installment: 1500 AUD, due by November 30, 2021.
  • Twinshare: we’ll match you with a roomie if you’re travelling solo
  • Private supplement available: 1662 AUD
  • AUD price based on AUD:USD 0.77, final price may change if there are significant exchange rate swings.

Don’t have someone to join you? Most of our bookings are from solo travellers. We can easily match you with another group member. 

Trip length

24 days, 23 nights


Departs Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Arrives Ashgabat Turkmenistan

Trip 1:

Saturday, 30 April 2022


Monday, 23 May 2022

Trip 2:

Thursday 1 September 2022


Saturday, 24 Sep 2022

Have a group? Contact us and we can arrange a private departure!

Meeting point

Hotel Navat, Bishkek

Ending point

Hotel Nusay, Ashgabat

Group size

Maximum 12

Participation requirements

Please see our “Is this trip right for you?” section to see the participation requirements


Most meals, transportation, English-speaking trip leader, accommodation

  • 24 breakfasts, 23 lunches, 21 dinners
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • English-speaking trip leader
  • Airport pick-ups/transfers – nothing better than being met by a friendly face

Not included

  • International airfares
  • Tip kitty
  • Any visas required (Australian passport holders do not require a visa)
  • Services not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Late check-out at hotels
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tips for leaders, guide and driver
  • Expenditure of personal nature
  • Personal insurance

Our accommodation

Every step of the way, we’ve sought out fun, unique accommodation wherever possible. We’ve also got a few stops in Western-style hotels for you to refresh and regroup for the next adventure.

You’ll sleep in:

  • a Kyrgyz horse ranch
  • a Tajik community guesthouse
  • a comfortable 4 star hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • a wacky 5 star hotel in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
  • a yurt in the Turkmen desert

The majority of the accommodation in Uzbekistan is simple, comfortable 3 star hotels. In all cases we’ve worked hard to find the right balance of comfort and keeping the price reasonable. Just remember that when you get off the tourist trail, that means there isn’t much in the way tourist infrastructure.

We think that’s a good thing, but it’s not without its drawbacks. The ‘best’ place in some of these towns can have its faults. Just come prepared!

Why Choose This Tour?

See the biggest highlights of the Silk Road and get a feel for what it was like to travel this route centuries ago

One trip leader for all 5 countries, with local guides who speak the language in each destination!

Lots of chances to get under the tourist layer and meet real people, have genuine interactions, and eat traditional local food

Click the tabs to find out more



All amazing adventures begin somewhere. For us, that’s Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The best way to arrive is flying through Dubai; no matter when you arrive you’ll be met at the airport by a welcoming face who’ll pick you up and take you to your accommodation.

Meet the group in the hotel before heading for lunch, followed by a gentle walking tour of Bishkek city.

The group welcome dinner will be in one of our favourite local restaurants.

Yes, you’re here on the Silk Road! Your arm will be sore from pinching yourself so much.

Accommodation: Hotel Navat, Bishkek (or similar)
Included: Lunch, Dinner


If you want to ‘do’ Kyrgyzstan, you get out of the city as soon as possible to explore the beautiful landscapes and wonderful culture.

But first, stop off at Burana Tower, the last remnant of the historic Silk Road city of Balasagun.

This afternoon is a special treat as we meet local women who make Kyrgyz ‘Shyrdak’ felt carpets.

Learn how they’re made and you can even try your hand at making your own to take home (no added cost)!

Accommodation: Mira Guesthouse
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Issyk Kul is the second largest mountain lake in the world – after Titicaca in South America. That’s today’s goal. But first, visit a stop at the village of Kyzyl-Tuu, a yurt-making hub! Over a tasty lunch, a local yurt builder family will share some of their secrets with us.

Our local guide will be on hand to translate your questions. Later, sleep in a yurt camp on the lake side (where else?) as you find out what this nomadic living is all about. Note: the camp is very simple, but that’s part of the fun.

Accommodation: Yurt Camp
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Kyrgyz Countryside is spectacular and varied. Jety Oguz is a perfect example – famous for its two red rock formations called “Seven Bulls” and “The Broken Heart” – and it will be one of the stops on a road trip towards Tepke.

The afternoon will be spent at a horse-breeding ranch, as our hosts will present horses to us while explaining their way of life. There’ll be a cooking class, before you stay the night in the on site guest-house! What an amazing way to close the book on your Kyrgyzstan visit. One Stan down, four Stans to go!

Accommodation: Reina Kanch horse ranch
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


It’s a big day of driving today as we head into Kazakhstan for a quick visit. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan will be replaced by the wide open Kazakh steppes. On the way, we’ll stop at the Charyn Canyon, pictured above (remind you of anything?)

This will make for a great lunch stop as we walk down to the river (3km) for a picnic, before getting back on the road. It’s a lot of driving – 9 hours total – so there are no plans for tonight besides dinner and a deep sleep.

Accommodation: Kazzhol Hotel Astana
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Almaty is the cultural and business capital of Kazakhstan. In the morning, we’ll take a tour of the city, visiting Panfilov Park and the unique Zenkov Cathedral (pictured above.) This is a more relaxed day and this afternoon you’ll have free time to catch up on necessities or explore.

This is a quick stop in Kazakhstan – a necessarily quick visit that enables us to do justice do the rest of the trip – but we have organised a special dinner to make sure your stop is memorable.

Accommodation: Kazzhol Hotel Astana
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Enter Tajikistan this morning on the one flight of the trip (included).

A country that has been described as ‘mountains upon mountains upon mountains’, you won’t forget it quickly. Dushanbe is a treasure and also the country’s capital. With only 800,000 people, it operates at a gentle pace.

We’ll spend the afternoon checking out the National Museum of Antiquities, Rudaki Park and a few other sights on a relaxed city tour.

Accommodation: Hotel Atlas
Included: Breakfast, Lunch


Navruz Palace was conceived of as a spectacular tea house, but the owners got carried away… and ended up with a monument to total excess. Described by one person as ‘opulence gone wild’, it’s now the Presidential Palace of Tajikistan!

The photo above doesn’t do it justice. Just know that it’s highly worthwhile.

You’ll have free time in the afternoon, so take a chance to rest and replenish, because we’ve got a big week ahead of us. Dinner is not included, but we can point you to the right options.

Accommodation: Hotel Atlas
Included: Breakfast, Lunch


Road trip day today!

The drive itself is a massive highlight as we wind our way through the rugged and valleys mountains of Tajikistan.

On the way, we’ll stop at Iskanderkul Lake (named for Alexander the Great) for a lunch stop and waterfall visit, before continuing on to Penjikant.

Its name translates as “the city of five villages” and it is located on the verdant Zeravshan river valley. Dating from the 5th century, it was once a thriving regional hub on the Great Silk Road and we’ll get some time to check it out.

Accommodation: Hotel Umariyon
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


On a typical Patch Adventures trip, Day 10 means that the trip is almost over. But this expedition is just beginning because today is so much fun!

Kick things off with a visit to the local market of Penjikent (perhaps buy some snacks?) before driving a bumpy 2-3 hr drive to the Seven Lakes of the Shing Mountain Valley.

The village of Noffin is our home tonight. You can explore on foot or take a swim in the lake. Tonight, we’re going to prepare a big feast together – all hands on deck! – with some local villagers. Eat your handiwork while we enjoy a night of Tajik music and dancing.

Accommodation: Local Guesthouse, Noffin
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 11 begins with a reluctant goodbye to Noffin, as we drive up to the 6th lake for a hike. The scenery is incredible; but we’re not going to show you a photo so you can see it for yourself.

Following that, we’ll stop on the way at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sarazm (and that’s what is pictured above). It’s simple, but highly historic and key to the history of the Silk Road. It’s also the very last thing you’ll do in Tajikistan.

Then, we enter Uzbekistan en route to Samarkand. We’ll pick up some bread from a bakery in the old town and head to a local restaurant to enjoy it with our meal.

Accommodation: Hotel Rabat, Samarkand
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Samarkand, one of the most popular sites of the Silk Road. Conquered by Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan (amongst others), this key trading post is dripping with history.

Registan Square, the focal point of ancient Samarkand, is framed by three beautiful madrassas (religious schools) – Ulugbek, Sherdor and Tillya Kori. Next, stroll through the spacious courtyard of the Bibi-Khanum Mosque. We will also get time to explore the Siab Bazaar, with fruit and veges grown from the rich soil of the Zarafshan Valley.

After lunch, we will explore Shahi Zinda – the necropolis where family members of Timur are buried. Dinner is a highlight, too as we join the family of Farida Apa, a local primary school teacher. She’ll teach us how to make the local dish ‘Plov’ before we eat with her family and enjoy the evening with them.

Back in the city once more, Registan Square is resplendent in the evening and we’ll go to bed with hearts and bellies content.

Accommodation: Hotel Rabat, Samarkand
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


By now you’ll have realised that Patch is all about mixing the finest ‘bucket list’ highlights with genuine local experiences. Shah i Zinda is the highlight of the morning. It has possibly the finest tilework in Uzbekistan – which is truly saying something!

Then, as part of the ‘My City’ project, we then plan for you to meet local female teachers and students, eager to practise their English and explain modern Uzbek life to you. They’ll melt your heart.

From there, you’ll be a bit peckish so why not visit a local bakery and learn a thing or two? If time permits, you’ll make a loaf, too!

Accommodation: Hotel Rabat, Samarkand
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


At Patch, we like to keep some surprises in our pocket.

That’s why today is going to be a mystery day as the group leaves the beaten path to visit some of our team’s favourite local spots outside Samarkand…

You’re going to meet some incredible people, eat amazing food and maybe even taste a drop of the local wine. It’ll be memorable. We promise.

We finish the day with a high speed train trip to Bukhara, where will spend another 3 nights

Accommodation: Hotel Devon, Bukhara
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Bukhara is another key city on the Silk Road trade route so we’ll get two full days here.

This morning, visit famous sights such as Samanid Mausoleum – one of the most important monuments of Central Asia – and the Bolo Hauz Mosque, before stopping to have tea and lunch at a local tea-house.

In the evening, meet with Makshuma Niyazova, a local historian/archeologist who received her PhD in 2007. During a short walk and dinner, she’ll explain to us the rituals and history of this ancient Silk Road city.

Accommodation: Hotel Devon, Bukhara
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


The Ark of Bukhara awaits you this morning. It’s a citadel which has been a symbol of power for more than a millennium.

The Poikalon complex, pictured above, is today’s centrepiece. Despite its religious past, the highest minaret was nicknamed the ‘Tower of Death.’ See if you can figure out why! (Hint: it’s a long way down.)

After lunch, we’ll visit a famous embroidery artist – 6th generation! – before getting free time to explore on foot. Perhaps go back to one of your favourite sites to catch another peek.

Accommodation: Hotel Devon, Bukhara
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Take a free morning to explore or do some shopping before catching a comfortable fast train to Khiva at midday – this 5 hr journey is a relaxed way to zoom through the Uzbek countryside before arriving in the early evening to our destination.

Note: The major cities of the silk road – Samarkand, Bukhara and to a lesser extent Khiva are well within the established tourist trail; this part of the Silk Road is very popular! We’ll do our best to time our visits to avoid crowds, just be aware that we’re not going to be the only show in these towns.

Accommodation: Local guesthouse, Khiva
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Khiva, a UNESCO destination, is the favourite town of many Silk Road travellers.

Smaller in scale with 80,000 people, to this day it possesses a sense of something special in the atmosphere.

That’s despite its history: it was a local slave market hub. (A reminder that the Silk Road may be magical today, but it hides skeletons in the shadows!)

You’ll love this place; a labyrinth of alleyways and blue mosaics. We’ll explore it together.

Accommodation: Local guesthouse, Khiva
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


It’s day 19, and you’ve been on the road for a while, so the morning will be taken at leisure. This gives you a chance to sleep in, take care of emails, or go for a short wander to take one last look at the local architecture.

Then, in the afternoon, a trip through the desert to Nukus, an Uzbek city with a totally different character to any on the trip so far. Dinner will be served in the hotel restaurant and we will then learn more about the cultural significance of Nukus through a wonderful film, Desert of Forbidden Art.

MEALS INCLUDEDBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Today is all about Nukus, the capital of ‘Karakalpakstan’ (say that one fast), an autonomous region of Uzbekistan that has its own distinct language and culture.

It’s our last day today in Uzbekistan, and Nukus is the perfect place.

Ivor Savitsky’s legacy will be a highlight; he was a Russian who risked his life travelling the Central Asia region to collect art from banned artists. The museum named after him is host to 82,000 pieces of art! Dinner tonight is with a family of opera singers; they’ll treat us to a private performance.

The Jipek Joli hotel is very simple; along the way we have a few nights in simple accommodation like this. Clean, simple, with friendly staff.

(But if you need everything precisely just ‘so’ in terms of an expensive, 5 star pillow, big breakfast buffets, hotel pool.. this is definitely not your trip!)

Accommodation: Jipek Joli, Nukus
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Today, Day 21, we enter the last country of our journey.

Turkmenistan is a weird place, known as the ‘North Korea of Central Asia’ – and for VERY good reason.

This country is fascinating, but the atmosphere is different; you’ll find that the people are more guarded and less willing to say things that could risk them being reported.

We’ll have an incredible mini-adventure here!

After crossing the Turkmen border, we’ll head to the historical town of Konye-Urgench, and then onto the burning crater of Darvaza.

A barbecue and a few cocktails under the Milky Way at our yurt camp is just the tonic!

Accommodation: Yurt Camp
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


A desert drive is what’s on the cards as we head towards the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.

On the way, we’ll stop at the Erbent desert community.

This little town – a mix of Yurts and basic buildings – somehow scratches out an existence as it keeps the desert at bay. It’s almost like something out of Mad Max.

From there, we head on to Ashgabat.

An afternoon tour of this weird and wonderful city will include the National Museum and Independence Park. The 5 Star Hotel Nusay will be our accommodation tonight. It fits squarely within the Ashgabat vibe.

Accommodation: Hotel Nusay, Ashgabat
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Ashgabat. The vision of a series of wacky dictators, it’s full of creative, fun, unique, insane – you pick the word – architecture.

Turkmenistan is SO much more than just unusual buildings, however.

That’s why we’ll visit the UNESCO historical ruins of Nisa, and in the afternoon pay a visit to the Akhalteke horse farm in Anau, to give you a more rounded view of this country.

A special farewell dinner awaits on this, the final night of the trip.*

*Unfortunately, yes, this trip does need to end. Sadly!

Accommodation: Hotel Nusay, Ashgabat
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Kyrgyz yurts. Kazakh steppes. Tajik mountains. Uzbek history. Turkmen… mind-benders. You’ve lived it for yourself and now have dozens of stories to tell. Now you know that these aren’t just ‘the Stans’: each country has a precious culture, rich history and unique heritage.

From here you have two choices:

1/ (depending on dates/availability) -> continue on to the Iran border to join our Iran trip,  cross overland and then fly to Tehran. (This will add $150 AUD to your trip cost)


2/ set your alarm for an early-morning Dubai flight. Either way, it’s time to say farewell to one of the most memorable trips of your lives!

Hiking & Fitness


You’ll need a reasonable fitness level to participate in this trip, regardless of whether to choose to hike.

If you can walk for 4-5 hours – ie 10-14km – at a moderate pace on undulating terrain, you’ll be fine. All activities are optional, meaning that if you don’t feel like it, you can skip it but it will be impossible to enjoy this trip if you’re not able to do a walking tour that lasts for a full afternoon, for example. (better to be honest!)

The longest hiking day involves 5.5 hours of walking. It’s not a race, though, and we’ll take as long as needed. If you’re not confident with your fitness, we’d recommend doing training hikes in your local area so you come to this trip ready to rock!

Frequently Asked Questions

Deposits are refundable prior to Nov 30, 2021.

From there; an instalment payment will be due of $1,500. Final payment is due 95 days before. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full cancellation policies.

(This is not for our benefit: our suppliers require upfront payment well in advance to guarantee availability).

You can pay with Card (fees apply) or with Bank Deposit. Note: prior to the payment of your full balance, the final price may change if there is variation in the AUD:USD exchange rate. Please refer to the full terms and conditions.

Airfares are not included. We recommend Flight Centre!


Don’t try to bring local money. If you want to bring cash, don’t bring AUD; USD is preferred.

Our guide will assist you to change money while on the ground. In all major cities, there are ATMs where you can easily take money out! We’ll regularly communicate with you to let you know when you’re headed into an area without much money available.

The exceptions are Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. You’ll have ample opportunity to get cash before entering these countries.

Private transport, specifically designed for Central Asia-like conditions, will be our primary mode of travel.

They are modern, spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned.

Our hand-picked local drivers are safe, experienced, and friendly.

There’s no need to wear hijab, but we do encourage you be a bit more conservative in general. Our typical recommendation is to cover shoulders and knees. Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are more conservative than the other countries. You’ll be provided with a headscarf if you need one.

Feel free to bring your bathers, as there will be limited opportunities to be swim.

Some days do involve long stretches of driving and you need to be the kind of person who enjoys road trips. Any such necessary long drives are offset by photo stops, picnic lunches, roadside pitstops, tea/coffee breaks, and of course seeing points of interest, leg-stretching walks.

Our vehicles are comfortable, well-maintained, and not prone to breaking down.

You’re visiting the Stans at the perfect time, with warm days and cool evenings. The potential for days over 30 is real, however, so be ready with layers. Rain showers are not uncommon; please come prepared.

On the long driving days, it’s recommended to wear blouses with long sleeves and pants for your comfort. For cool mornings and evenings, we recommend you bring at least one warm jacket or sweater, and a light sweater.

Comfortable hiking shoes are fine, no need for boots. Please be ready to dress conservatively in general but on hiking days, dress how you please.

Fixed Line Internet & Wi-Fi Internet access will be available in nearly all hotels. However, in Kyrgyzstan, it’ll be restricted to larger towns and villages which you will have the opportunity to

pass through every few days. In the countryside, you’ll have little access. If you must stay in reach, speak with your guide about getting a local sim card. Turkmenistan is highly restrictive but state-owned internet cafes do exist, and do work.

YES! We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets no problems, or any variation of the above. Just let us know in advance. Note: this food is often very simple and may get repetitive. We cannot cater for those with severe nut allergies. Any other medical conditions get in touch.

Refundable deposit of $400 AUD. (Refundable up to Nov 30, 2021.) From there, an installment payment of $1500 is due.  Trip payment is due 95 days or more before the departure.

There is a 50% cancellation fee for any cancellations 60 or more days prior. Any cancellation within 60 days will receive a 50% credit.



We recommend flying through Dubai, both for arriving to Bishkek and leaving Ashgabat. If you join the Iran trip, you’ll be taken to the Iran-Turkmen border where you’ll be met by a local guide who will drive you to nearby Masshad airport to fly to Tehran. Stay in Masshad, too, if you wish. If you book both trips, your transfer cost from Ashgabat to Tehran will be included (less visa cost.)

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